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Swooping in to simplify childcare.

Owly is a digital childcare management system that's easy to implement, adopt, use, and easy to depend on.

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Simplify Childcare Management with Owly:

Designed for Europe and the Middle East

Where Technology and Experience Intersect

Every childcare professional we know wants to provide a joyful experience for the children under their care, but that’s easier said than done when there’s a mountain of administrative tasks waiting for you.

Designed especially for childcare centres, Owly’s vision is to lighten the load by simplifying all the important parts of childcare management, like making invoices and tracking each child’s journey, as well as keeping parents informed and helping staff work together smoothly.

We’ve made our system super easy to use, giving you clear guidance every step of the way and automating those tasks that eat up your time.

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Here’s how Owly is helping Childcare Centres Soar

Consider Owly your messenger, administrator and accountant - all in one!

Online Learning Portfolios

Document every achievement the child makes

Portfolios in Minutes
Build comprehensive portfolios in minutes, showcasing children’s progress and accomplishments.
Graduation Ready Portfolio
Create beautiful, printable graduation portfolios to celebrate each child’s achievements.
Learning Outcome
Monitor learning outcomes to provide tailored educational support and track progress.

Online Learning Portfolios

All of your communications, one intuitive platform.

Real-Time Updates
Photos, videos, documents? Send them all without a hitch. Our platform supports even the longest videos, making media sharing child’s play.
Engagement and Feedback
Collect parent opinions effortlessly with surveys. From trip participations to meeting schedules, your community’s voice is always heard.
Insightful Tracking
See who’s engaged with your announcements, ensuring no message goes unnoticed.
Private & team messages
Ditch the juggle with multiple apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp, and embrace one unified hub for you and the parents.

Payments Simplified

Elevate Care with Comprehensive Tracking and Reporting

Effortless Billing
Instantly create precise invoices for all services, streamlining the financial dialogue between your center and the families.
Prompt Payments
Send clear, detailed notifications for due bills, facilitating quick online payments through our user-friendly app.
Monthly Billing
No need to issue the same invoice every month. Set up monthly billing and Owly will issue the invoice automatically.

Online Learning Portfolios

Streamlining Tracking, Care and Documentation

Development and Care Tracking
Effortlessly track naps, meals, and activities with detailed reports for a full view of each child’s growth.
Allergies & Medications
Never second-guess medications, sun cream or strawberries. Check every child’s allergies and medicine requirements instantly.
Secure Archiving
Archive logs securely for 5 years with our trusted system, simplifying compliance and ensuring easy access.
Activity and Curriculum Management
Monitor and organise extracurriculars and lessons for a well-rounded, enriching educational journey.

Daily Activity

Keeping everyone up-to-date

Meal Tracking
Effortlessly track meals to provide parents with daily dietary updates.
Activity Tracking
Log and communicate children’s activities, promoting transparency and engagement.
Sleep Tracking
Keep accurate sleep records to help maintain healthy sleep habits for children.

Your typical day with Owly

From the first check-in to the last, we make sure that everything is on track.

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