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One big family

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From wake-up to check-out

Everything logged in one place

Child Profile

Everything you need to know, easily accessible

Daily activities

Every step of the way, easily logged in 3 clicks.

Learning Portfolios

Track every academic achievement the child makes as it happens

Store all the information and communication in one place. No need for multiple apps, with Owly you can chat, track and notify parents easily.

Parent Communication

Send the parents instant chat notifications and to-dos to keep them in the loop.

Real-Time Activity

Mark all the little ones activity; be it meals, naps, play time or injuries.

Record all the important daily moments, and keep track of the academic child achievements all in one place.

Daily reports

Build a daily report for the parents to view at the end of the day, or as it happens.

Digital Portfolios

Create beautiful and rich portfolios in a few clicks. Keep track of all the learning outcomes the child achieves during their time at the centre.

Give the parents the photos to cherish for a lifetime of their little ones at the centre. While making sure that your childcare business is running smoothly.

Photos & Videos

Share the precious moments with the parents of their children learning and having fun at the centre.

Easy Payments

Track the hours, bill what is required and get paid in seconds with our easy online billing solution.