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Check-in to Check-out

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Request, Check-in, and Much More

Your day-to-day attendance management

One Click and Done

Easily check-in and check-out children with a single click

Self Check-in

Let the parents self check-in their children at the centre with their app.

Attendance Request

Easily collect attendance from parents with the monthly attendance request.

Build the child attendance in a few, easy steps, run reports on occupancy and plan your centre staff needs.

Attendance Request

Send a request to parents to fill out the expected check-in and check-out times for the upcoming months.

Recurring times

Same time, different day? Not to worry, with a simple recurring attendance you can easily copy attendance for the upcoming 5, 10 or 50 weeks.

Track the punch in and punch out of the carers to ease the payroll tasks at the end of the month.

Easy ratios

Easily build the number of carers required to take care of the expected children.

Export Hours

Export all the hours in one sheet to easily send it to HR